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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The path of the righteous man

Its a journey that began almost a year ago.Strangely enough I saw the destination long before I saw the beginning.Its had more than its fair share of pitfalls,but also those rare sunrise moments.Its a goal I tried to score even though I knew the ball was already in.For life's in the living,in the roads,not in the busstops.

There was only a little I had to do to reach the first camp,a bit more for the second.But the next few were no molehills.The next couple of hills perhaps represent the happiest part of the journey,except when i knew the end was near.I even went whale watching and played some golf.
For one whole year I was Duke of the County.

The sixth hill had to face my plummeting enthusiasm .It also perhaps bore me for the longest time.There were times when I thought I should travel no further,see no more hills and perhaps see a doctor.And one quack.

But I had to go on.For the end was near.I had to push the envelope of danger.Live in a bizzaro world.Meet a few survivors.
I needed peace then.Serenity .

Of course there was some looking back . Only then could the bits of the puzzle fall into place.

I fell.Again.

I was a stranger in my own brain.



Blogger themiddler said...

Shortage tut tut! What all this Seinfeld shag for the past few days. "Ph.D Seinologist" springs to mind! Anyway... youngsters of today. Humph.

3:29 AM  

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