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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happiness is a Warm Gun

Often,determining which one of two related events is the cause and which one ,the effect is hugely challenging.This may seem counter intuitive,based on everyday experience.But you probably know what I am talking about,for religions often talk of fate,which effectively reverses causality.

Consider this situation-In any unsorted sample space,one can expect a non- small standard deviation.Same with society.If any human attribute can be quantised,you can expect some people to have a much higher "value" of that compared to others in most cases.
So in any society,you can expect a few people to be withdrawn and mentally unstable ,inspite of having fairly normal "childhoods".The argument that these people should be "eliminated" is highly dangerous,as there must be a decent amount of deviants in any society.(there are evolutionary biologists who argue this way)

The challenge lies in making them "toothless".

In the light of the recent massacre in Virginia,proponents against the banning of guns argue that its not the guns that kill people,but people kill people.This theory is highly stupid to say in the least,because as I said deviants will always be there-just dont give them guns.

Imagine that the gun density in America is far lower than what it is now.
The killer,in all probability,would have,in his fit of rage,punched up a few guys in a bar.Nobody would have died,and he would have come under greater scrutiny by the police.Several lives would have been saved.

Lets get this straight,deviants cannot be cured or eliminated.Make them toothless.
The proponents against banning of guns are making a flawed assumption-that all" players "or people in a country are perfectly rational and will not use guns with no purpose,whose only result could be self destruction and killing of several other people.Its obviously absurd.

It has infact been shown that if all players are rational,it may not result in the end that lies in the best interests of all.

Consider two cars on a narrow lane travelling towards each other,on a collision course,they can only shift to the right lane.

Now three things can happen:

Both players decide to shift right,
Both players remain in the same lane
exactly one of them shifts.

Now first situation corresponds to both players being rational,second to both being irrational,and third to one of them being rational.As you can see,they have a chance of survival only with the third!!!

America will greatly benefit from a gun ban.Brazil has already tried something similar, ie encourage people to return their guns.

So Lennon *may disagree,but happiness is no warm gun.

*He probably didnt mean a real gun,as he was high in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashram :)


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