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Saturday, May 20, 2006

So dark the con of man.

With the release(?) of the movie The Da Vinci Code,and the preceding hype and controversy
came memories of me reading the book a few months after its release,and all its anagrams.

Now this isnt about the book(btw its avg)or the pseudo politico secular controversy around it.

Its about my brush with anagrams

Reservoir Dogs
Sir Good Server

Mr.Pink of "I dont tip"fame comes to my mind,
He ends up playing a waiter in Pulp Fiction!

Holden Caulfield
Hell included Oaf!
Cull dead foe hind
(My apologies to Salinger,or was this intentional?)

name is shortage,and in insti only.
I see only hags and rot in insti man!

There are lots of others i dont remember...will post them later..


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