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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This post will be short,and its about some english common words that we use daily,which are surprisingly of indian origin.

This I came across during my research work for india quiz,SAARANG 2006.

Musk:A strong smelling reddish brown substance which is secreted by the male musk-deer for scent making, which is also an important ingredient in perfumery. From Late Latin miscus, from Persian musk, from Sanskrit muska (scrotum)

Somehow i dont see the scrotum connect,but still.

Pajamas/pyjama - A lose fitting garment consisting of trousers and a jacket, worn for sleeping or lounging, often used in plural.Hindi paijama - loose fitting trousers, from Persian pai- leg + jamah - garment

Interestingly,the persian origin thing is actually transliterates to the Parsi origin.

Shampoo - A liquid preparation containing soap for washing hair.Hindi campoo - press.

This came as a big surprise,and this question actually figured in india quiz.

Mongoose - Any of various Old World carnivorous mammals having agile body and a long tail and noted for the ability to seize and kill venomous snakes. Marathi mangus, of Dravidian origin.

Anaconda - A large non-venomous arboreal snake of tropical South America that kills its prey by suffocating in its coils. Alteration of Sinhalese henakandaya - whip snake.

I was seriously surprised at this ,as anacondas are not found in india.

Cheetah - A long-legged, swift running wild cat of Africa and Southwest Asia, having black-spotted, tawny fur and non-retractile claws.The fastest animal on land can run for short distances at about 96kn (60 miles) per hour. Hindi cita, from Sanskrit citrakaya - tiger/leopard: Citra- variegated + kaya - body

Thats it for now,for Vitalstatistix must take his annual bath.


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educative...ya educative is the word!!nice one fella!!keep doing things like this!!!

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