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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I recently happened to chance upon this thread in orkut which basically had a guy comparing non vegetarians to terrorists,and as expected lots of non-veggies went beserk with very few really trying to analyse the situation at all.To give my post quiz 1 joblessness a form i decided to speak my mind on this issue,so here goes.

Well vegetarianism is a reasonably shady concept,given that has no proper definition.For some eggs would be veggie food,while some others would call you a murderer in the womb for having eggs for breakfast while a few other people would even like to compare you to Charles Manson for doing so much as to have french toast.

Undeniably,90% of the time one is a vegetarian or not ,only by a process of natural selection.That is one is veggie if his parents are.People just simply justify their stand on this issue.Very few people actually give suffucient thought to answer this very fundamental 'to be or not to be' question.

For those who would argue that being an omnivore is a man 's birthright,for that is exactly what he has been for the past 10,000 s of years,and that the whole world being veggie is isnt (or atleast most of it) good at all,as it would disturb 'the natural cycle',here is my counterargument.

There is a sufficient amount of 'constructability' in the food cycles that involve man.Lets take the example of poultry.Chicken are actually farmed,ie housed, fed,watered solely for the purpose of being consumed later.Now lets say we stop farming them,and lots of people convert to vegetarianism(forget the numbers).Now humans would simply consume more plants(that he grew) ,there would only be wild chicken,which involve itself in other food cycles,which would invariably be smaller and less complicated.

There is also the energy issue.As we all know solar energy gets converted into other chemical forms of energy in every step,and its not 100%efficient.So our optimum is to have minimum number of steps,which obviously means stopping at the plant stage(we havent evolved yet to tap energy at the solar stage).Now the energy that is wasted in this conversion can never be got back into a form that can do work(I am no expert in thermodynamics,but this is true)

Also the argument about how killing a mosquito is different from killing a hen(as the first one pains you,second one doesnt).

One can quite easily argue that seeing a hen outside and not in your tummy is a threat to the sustainability of your life ,and therefore consuming fowl is not wrong.Secondly one hardly loses any blood due to a mosquito bite(or a dozen of them for that matter),so why kill them?

This blog might actually leave the reader confused as to what my take on this issue is.I have to admit that I fell into the trap of defending what I do.I am a veggie by natural selection,but here i find myself blogging away...


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