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Friday, February 24, 2006

Quality control/Profit motive

The IIT M campus boasts of an incredible variety in fauna and flora,so much so that it is a protected forest.One can find spotted deer,blackbuck,jackals,snakes,mongooses,all sorts of amphibians,weird scorpions weirder insects and lots of birds(they are of only one type here,and they fly).

On a not so completely different note,as the reader will find out later,i want to talk about mess food.

Mess food,by its very definition is incorrigibly bad,no matter where.Only the degrees of unpalatability vary.Irrespective of whether messes are run by the public sector or the private sector,quality of nearly everthing is invariably low.

Profit motive ,which is normally the greatest driver towards optimum quality,doesnt seem to work that well with messes.The issue of competition crushing out the current supplier arises,but not to our advantage.If all them are bad,it doesnt really matter.

People immediately assume,that with production in such bulk amounts,a few cockroches here and there really dont matter.Its an attitude problem.

After all ,with assembly line and quality control and the likes,management people routinely implement six sigma,with competitive costs.People just give up on this one issue,giving lame excuses,like" during my days i used find lizards in my food,be thankful you only found cockroaches",or "eat this junk,it 'll make a man out of you".

This calls for a sea change in attitude.

Till then God save our tongues.

PS. If you were wondering whats the IIT wildlife connect in all this,here goes
A frog somehow made its way into the fried rice that we were supposed to eat.It was cooked.
But i dinnered at the dhaba that day,and dragged a few hostelmates along.

They later lauded me for my foresight.


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