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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yet Another Movie

Requiem for a Passion.
Personally,I am finding it amply hard to describe it in better words. What once was,no longer is.
He is about six months old now,but his life history reads something like Pink's story of the Wall fame.

After what seems like years,after valiantly fighting the Battle of Everbore,I succumb to the temptations of the blog again,after being dead sure I wont!

This sem seems relatively peaceful,mostly certainly,after going through last semesters painful motions.I took up some not so recommended elective this sem(for chemical engg. junta that is) in math,basic graph theory.The course seems great,but I will have do a decent bit to manage.
Also I might have have to do Partial Differential Equations later.But with a gap of nearly 1.5 years separating the course that requires it, and PDE,I dont know how I would remember an inkling.

Heck I dont even remember what I did last sem!

Its been raining a decent bit for the past few months,and IIT looks at its seducing best when it

But with the computer playing femme fatale ,the rains ,for most people is just a condensation of clouds caused due to low temperature.

The LAN!!It has everything !It has almost any song you'd want,except songs by some almost forgotten groups like Gentle Giant.It also has most of the movies worth watching,and is generally well loaded in the art of enetrtainment.

Watched Eraserhead recently.Artsy.Extremely.Also vague.But worth a watch if you are a movie buff.

The Graduate!Scarborough Fair!Brilliant soundtrack!It is probably the only accurate depiction of the 60's we have today.

The Hippies,the beatles,the doors and all those hallucinogens are all very 60's yes,but this has been blown out of proportion.

The60's also saw a lot of 'normal' people.People who had to do work,people who had short tidy hair,and people who went to college,people who despised hallucinogens,but people who had a free spirit nevertheless.Thats probably the greatest achievement of the movie.Showing the sixties in proper light,but with a rebellious experimental spirit.

Also watched Inside Man by Spike Lee at home.Didnt catch it in Satyam.Definitely worth watching.Very Tarantinoesque.But I always thought Spike Lee hated Tarantino!
Also a very strong the usual suspects influence.

To work now.


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