Welcome To The Machine

Saturday, May 20, 2006

So dark the con of man.

With the release(?) of the movie The Da Vinci Code,and the preceding hype and controversy
came memories of me reading the book a few months after its release,and all its anagrams.

Now this isnt about the book(btw its avg)or the pseudo politico secular controversy around it.

Its about my brush with anagrams

Reservoir Dogs
Sir Good Server

Mr.Pink of "I dont tip"fame comes to my mind,
He ends up playing a waiter in Pulp Fiction!

Holden Caulfield
Hell included Oaf!
Cull dead foe hind
(My apologies to Salinger,or was this intentional?)

name is shortage,and in insti only.
I see only hags and rot in insti man!

There are lots of others i dont remember...will post them later..

Arbit post

My first really arbit post.Really dont know why I find myself posting,but its maybe because i'm heading to Delhi tomorrow,after a really long boring fortnight at home...trying to complete a post that s simply defying completion.

Since I am so vetti,I 'll tell you why I changed the name of my blog.

Welcome to the Machine happens to feature high on the 'i-like -these-songs' list.Though it happens to be very popular,especially among floyd fans,I some how feel its never given its due,always getting pushed behind by songs like Another Brick in the Wall 2.

Though it quite explicitly deals with the music industry and how the band was unhappy because of these people,the label managers,I feel its just a ploy floyd uses to make a point clear without
sounding too phony and preachy[Salinger getting to me again]

It deals with systems all across the world.
Like universities,colleges,schools,and families.
And how you tend to become too stuctured and inconsequential in the process.Allowing no flowering .
All you feel is a cold detachment.

I can related big time, to this concept,given that IIT can be a really big inhumane machine.
Its not that I dont like it,but lots of IITians tend to harbour such thoughts at times...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Memoirs of Freisha?

Big dreams .Images of a nice place.
A huge hall...called sac for then unknown reasons.
Talk of "seven pointers" "credits"and stuff that none of us seem to understand.
Passing of the baton.
Meeting a huge bunch of people extremely unlike me.
Civil labs,structural labs and marsh tests.
A prof telling us that one day not too long from then, we wouldnt give a damn for those lakes ,those
deer and those trees.
He being proved right far earlier than expected.
Numbers mattered more.
Seeing those green walls of the hostel for the first time.
Monkeys!Oh how amusing they were then.
The encounter with the roomies.
Thinking Consti,as he was not known then,to be a shady guy.
Appearances can be deceptive.But then again,they need not be.

Fearfully walking through a corridor full of seniors in Mandak to Chiru's room for a game of cards?The ensemble localite cast.
Getting back well past midnight.
Meeting Ram.And Sreeni.The rest of them I knew.
Finding out he's called preggie,the result of an undetachable attachable.Thinking that was kuntry max.
Finding out most people i knew lived in saras.Wishing then,i did so too.
My first early night at hostel.Being ragged.
My first late night at the hostel.Experiencing no reversal of fate.
An attempted session by a shady(2,3,4th year?)called Pota.Consti's turn
Chillar he is?
Being 'ragged' the next day by the lit-sec,then of unknown origin.
Both of us discovering that we were from the same school.Feeling relieved.
But then,i did not know iitian traditions.
Warsht rape(?)followed in the ensuing days.
Meeting Shrini...who would later on prove his studmaxness...lessons in paranoia management then

Intra hostel freshie quiz. Coming first with consti and focus.And ananya.
Its an intra hostel event??
Being 'invited' to the terrace by the tenth wingers.Some weird orgies in mind
People again taking advantage of my poor hindi
Being asked to translate Romeo and juliet's romantic crappy hind f****** verse.
Very poetic,werent they?
Being lost in translation.

"Mujhme kya kami hain?"
Me bulb.Me translate
"What shortage do I have?"
Thus Shortage was born!

Discovering DKC!
Discovering Orkut!
Dicovering the TT room!

Trying out for nso TT,atheletics.
Ram trying out TT,baddie,cricket,football,volley and atheletics.
Being brought to the ground reality of ncc.
The flying away of the days.
Increasing visits to saras.
Dumb C sessions into the night.
Gk and his DKC mixup.
Dopa ..justifying his nick.

Camping at insti when localites dashed off home.

Discovering Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.Thinking everybody else was inconsequencial.
Interesting Shaastra.And me packing it.Thinking 5 weeks is too long a time away from home.
Initial hopes of a branch change seemingly being dashed.
Civil pmt.Lotsa work
Envying chemical engineers in the making for their pmt.Or lack of it.


Doing the ID project.Fly ,did it?


Filling the branch change form.Hoping.
Against hope?

Gk and the frog.
The Endsems wheezing past.
Ncc camp.16 days of waking up at 0500 hrs.

Checking out my first gpa.
Not knowing what to feel.
Endless sessions of rummy,ass,bluff and gambling with gong.
Giving up in life.
Asleep one afternoon.A call from The physicsgod.
A call that didnt change my life.But a call that definitely changed my branch.
Missing mech by a whisker.
Request for batch change?

A new branch.A new batch.But same old boring acads.
Increasing visits to home.Coming and hurrying ed up on sunday night.

Saarang!Its quizzes!Its not so unpaired females!Its pro shows!

Delving into Floyd.Thinking everybody else is inconsequencial.

Giving up totally.Basic Elec,and its papers with papers being reason enough.



Mechanica.Winning.And the unsigned cheque.
Playing the rebel.Questioning the world?

ED endsems.
Doubting if i'd pass.Asking everybody after the endsems if they cup people in it.Everybody but a few being in the affirmative.


Freshie no more.
One down ,hopefully only three more to go.