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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thirty Haunting Cruises.

I will always remember the first time I saw you.
At the first fleeting moment.You glowing-orange ephemeral prescence. The smell of your hair.

Why do you hurt me so? Why do you treat the other guys the same way you treat me. Didnt I hold you in your dying moment. Even when you were at your caustic best.Didnt I bear your cruel sting?

Come with me.Lets relive those moments. Let us enjoy those stolen glances and the whispered secrets. Let us be partners in crime once again. Tomorrow will never know. Tomorrow will never find out.

Let us enjoy the privacy that only a badly made movie in a run down theatre can provide. Whispers exchanged in the stillness of the flickering screen and the lost conversations of the characters.
I want to drown myself in somebody else's worries. Because mine seem too heavy to carry.

Remember the time we swam to the surface. Towards the moonlight.Of how it gave us hope. The light at the end of an almost infinte tunnel. Of how I held your hand when you were wearing a gaze of distant wonderment.And a green top?Of how we washed away our worries together. Werent we looking at the same stars then, hoping the same hopes?

Tomorrow has no room for us. Yesterday only gives me big sacks to carry. Please be my today. I need it.
Flash a smile. Please let me know youre happy. Even if youre only going to be happy with him. The one who Arachne poked with her needle as she wove her master plan.

I feel like crying. Now that youre gone. But I cant shed these tears, for I will surely need them later, as it seems so painfully obvious today.

I miss the strange European sophisticate presence that you emanate. Your eyes the scan the room with cold detachment.

You will always have a place in my dreams.However I cannot offer you a place in my reality. Unless you want to be mine alone.
I want my reality, to keep my sanity.

I miss your cooking .I miss you. The dark descriptor of a kettle.
Our time has come and gone. I wish you well. Au Revoir.

We will always have Surat.


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