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Monday, July 30, 2007


I raced through dying drying grasslands towards the hill amidst all the chaos under a glassy sky.Several cries went out into the vast expanse as I quickened my pace.I ignored the painful itchy rash the grass was inflicting on me.The rocky edges and rugged path had to do much better than that to slow me down.

Several cries and bruises later I was on top. Phoebe was holding on for dear childhood.I offered my bloody hand to her,but it wasn't an easy job for her to claim it.

She was slipping away slowly.

I offered her my other hand and threw myself forward.I didn't want to imagine my empty hand juxtaposed with a falling wailing sister.My imagination wasn't going easy on me,and I had to fight through the confusion and the excess adrenaline.

However my slippery fingers couldn't do much,and she slipped through my fingertips into space,screaming.

I just lay there dazed and confused.I slowly stood up,only to smell the cold unforgiving,uncaring rain,and hear the indifferent shouts of joy from all around welcoming the rain.

I wept, for it was the end of the Age of Innocence and coming of the Heart of Darkness.

All people aren't good people any more , a GI Joe isn't the equivalent of several weeks of pure joy,summer doesnt mean two months of fun and street cricket and there is no going back.


Blogger parseval said...

Now that's a twisted, dark and allegorical post.

You could have just said the new sem started and you grow older :p

3:29 AM  

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