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Sunday, June 15, 2008


It is with increasing conviction that I have come to realize, that I might never attend a live concert that I might truly enjoy. Most of my favourite bands can only have a real reunion if a particular dose of a psychotropic had gone through someone else's nostril, or if JD Salinger had never been born, or if fame hadnt unleashed all its trappings on some of our more talented men. I cannot find a better way to make this point. Like Siddhartha I suffer.

Each individual ash particle that emanated from John and George's body apparently rotated about its own axis on that fateful night( Refer previous entry). Rant reviews galore!!

No band shall ever cover the Beatles when I am not there in Madras. A great pestilence will sweep the land , and all that is sweet and pure will be gone.

I place such blind faith in poetic justice.


Blogger Raytracer said...

I thought it'd be better if no band covers The Beatles when you're in Madras. That way we can spare ourselves from the "Why blood? ... Same blood" situation.

1:49 PM  

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