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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Masters of Rock

For people who have'nt ,meaning no offence to hardcore fans,most of my blogs so far have had [i]floydax[/i] titles.It contains some reference to some of PF'S work,either in the form of their song titles,album titles or phrases they use.
Recently watched the movie Amadeus.Its pretty good,especially if you happen to like theatre,the movie runs like a grand opera,and provides a rather unseen perspective on Mozart and his genius.
Mozart's music is never fully appreciated during his lifetime,atleast according to the movie.His works get shagged on only much later,his genius though,never being doubted.
This set me thinking.How would the best psychedelic and progresive of the sixties and seventies be remembered,say a hundred years later?That they will be remembered is sure,they have been worshipped for forty,but how?

I see a day where the 'cultured' crowd would say ahh...third song..P*U*L*S*E...wow!Or when the classic example of opera would be The Wall,and of a Symphony the Dark side of the moon(are symphonies allowed to have vocals?)
People would stack The Beatles Anthology in the Congress Library.Riders on the storm would be part of standard training for a wannabe pianist.

Their rebellious image will mellow,their marriage with hallucinogens will dissolve.Nobody thinks of Mozart as a drunkard today.And Tchaikovsky as a gay,not that there is anything wrong with it(Seinfeld Rules !)

They will be the Masters of Rock.

*Masters of rock is the least known pink floyd song collection ever.It has some of their earliest songs.