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Monday, November 30, 2009


I haven't posted anything that is not incredibly self indulgent and cryptic in ages. So here goes

Nine movies I've watched recently that I strongly recommend:

(In no particular order)

1) Withnail and I- British. Brilliant. And very funny. Comedy with a touch of black. Smells of the sixties. Watch it with Bacchus in your bed.

2) Andrei Rublev- Andrei Tarkovsky. Need I say more? If I have to, then it might help you to know that the Soviets wanted it banned and pulled it out of the Cannes in the last minute.

3) Hamlet(Olivier)- Shakespeare, but more Sophoclean than usual. Watch out for the sweeping, flowing camera shots.

4)The Rocky Horror Picture Show- Watched it in theatre, with a heckler, a small number of male strippers, a small number of female strippers, and a large number of them in between. This is the only way to watch it. Watch it if you want to feel sexually disoriented.

5)Grbavica - Post war Bosnian film screened at the St Louis Film Festival(SLIFF). Smart film. Worth a watch. May never enjoy a wide release.

6)Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench- A must watch for Jazz fans. Screened at SLIFF.Shot in high contrast black and white. Part documentary part musical. Searing trumpets, mindless sax and senseless violins, to borrow a quote.

7) A Serious Man- Incredibly Yiddish. Incredibly misanthropic. Retelling of the story of Job. I wouldn't recommend it for members outside the Coen Brotherhood. Almost Woody Allenesque in its depiction of the central character.

8)500 Days of Summer- Cynical Romantic Comedy. If that makes sense to you.

9) It Might Get Loud- Jimmy Page is adorable. Huge music geek. Watch it kids, to see how a real musician works.


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