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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My life and these times

Drained we all are.
A Talebian Nightmare has percolated through our forests,; scytheless determined relentless; foreboding a Saarang prolonged placement season; leaving several of our futures nebulous; Pundits(Pandits?) made false promises refuse to seep through; dying companies in their twilight years hire ambitiously; over optimistically; non existent silver linings are spotted, talked about, and exploited.
Blessings we count; including impostors; stories of the destruction of the American Dream are constantly retold; including some private ones; woven into graduate study woes.
it is in times like these that you wonder if Pandora really opened the box an second time.
Did she? Was it all made up?
Can you hope that she did?
Can you hope for hope?


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