Welcome To The Machine

Friday, May 30, 2008


Here I am, wasting away in a place so far away from normal men, so far removed from the reality I am used to that it decides to do away with spirit, and in its place encourages a strange system of spit and sit on its platforms, that 15 days seems like a few lifetimes ago. The very same gods that i choose not to believe in seem at their wrathful worst,forcing out of me seemingly contradictory statements, making me blog at a time when the internet is making its greatest effort to dig deeper into my pocket.

Just now when I suffering from the worst of my music and movie withdrawal symptoms, a bunch of bands have decided to get together and perform a beatles tribute concert in Madras. I wanna say Dont Let Me Down(repeat three times), but just like it has been over the past few lonely weeks,no one seems to a pair of ears to spare.